DATE: August 12, 2016
TIME: 9:00 pm
VENUE: Bflat Bangalore
Peepal Tree @Bflat – 2nd Year Anniversary Gig August 12, 2016

Well Well! We turn 2 in 2 days :D!! and to celebrate we return to the place where it all started for us, 2 years ago!

Yes, Peepal Tree will play live at The BFlat Bar on 12th Aug 2016 and we invite each and everyone of you to celebrate with us. Also playing with us on that day is one of the finest young singers of Bangalore Mahesh Raghunandan, it promises to be one hell of an evening! Bflat is also one of our favorite venues in the city and the support we’ve received from Arati Rao-Shetty and everyone there has been unbelievable! Do come.

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